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Patty Price - Pat Roach Abduction - Utah, October 16, 1973

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Patty Price - Pat Roach Abduction - Utah, October 16, 1973

Post  AstroCamel on Tue May 24, 2011 7:32 am

Patty Price, a divorcee, sole provider for six children, lived outside a small Midwestern town. On the night of October 16, 1973, her children had been tucked in bed; however, one of them had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. It had been a hectic day. Patty Price had gone to sleep. She was awakened near midnight. Her cat was yowling, one of her children was screaming, and the neighbor's dog was barking furiously. There had been reports of a prowler in the area, and she was frightened. She got her children up. Since she had no telephone, she bundled them up and hurried to a friend's house about a block away and called the police.

In fact, at 12:10 A. M. a call had come into the police department that a prowler was suspected of being in the area. The police came out and investigated, but found nothing. The child who had been sleeping in the living room said that he had seen a skeleton standing in the corner of the living room. One of the older children said, “Mama, it wasn't a prowler; it was a spaceman! I saw him and he didn't make me forget. I saw him.” No matter what anyone said, she remained adamant.

Patty Price did not think much about it for about a year and a half, until she happened coincidentally to pick up a copy of Saga magazine and read stories of people who had been abducted and had similar experiences. She wrote the magazine, and they sent her letter to the organization that studies aerial phenomena of this sort. The researcher came out to investigate. They talked to the mother and the children, and decided to expose them to hypnotism to try to find out what had happened. A very different story emerged.

Under hypnosis Patty Price revealed that she had not merely awakened to hear a dog barking and a cat yowling, but she had seen two figures standing over her – unlike any being she had ever seen. They took hold of her arms and told her, without moving their lips, that they wanted her to go with them. She resisted. She was afraid. They took her outside the house into a nearby craft. She was undressed, placed on a table and exposed to all sorts of apparently physical examinations, including one where she saw a needle coming toward her head. At this point she became very upset, perspiration flowed from her body, and she said, “They shouldn't have done it. But they took my thoughts.”

The children were placed under hypnosis, and they told similar stories of also being brought on the craft – all but one of them – and described the beings they had seen, and then they were brought back and placed in bed.

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