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Post  AstroCamel on Thu May 26, 2011 7:38 am

STS 114 Did NASA's Cameras Catch A UFO ?

Posted: September 15, 2005-Date: August 6, 2005 Time: 8:54 a.m. CDT

Orbit: 174 Met 010 23 11 Mission Elapsed Time: 10 days, 23 hours, 11 minutes.

Pre dawn Pacific - Between Hawaii and U.S. Camera's on Shuttle aimed at the ocean as several lights fly around with one object coming to a stop and reversing direction.

At the beginning of the tape, you will see a graphic that shows the shuttle halfway between Hawaii and California - in the dark - and approaching orbital sunrise. The next scene shows the camera looking down at the Pacific and it should be all dark... but it isn't!

There are lights all over the place. Since the shuttle is flying upside down, Earth appears at the top of the picture and space is below, and the glow of the atmosphere outlines the horizon. (Ships at sea CANNOT be seen from space). Some lights are flashing and some are steady. (Stars in space do NOT twinkle!)

After a while, an object near the left edge will light up and start moving across the screen to the right following the curvature of the Earth. When it is no longer visible in the atmosphere, watch the RIGHT edge of the screen as a brilliant object comes quickly on screen, going from right to left but slowing down as it goes (which is impossible for an inanimate object to do in space).

Near the left edge, it comes to a complete stop, as two other objects fly across the screen, and then, it makes a 180 degree turnaround and flies BACK across the screen to the right, at which time the cameraman in Houston wakes up and begins to move the camera away from the objects, as shuttle enters sunrise and the screen brightens up with the glare of the sun on the lens and the clouds below, and he gives up and closes the iris, and shifts to a different camera, with the graphic again, showing the shuttle to be on the edge of sunrise.

According to Newton's Laws of Motion, an object set into motion in the vacuum of space will continue forever in the same course, unless acted upon by an outside force.

In gravity free space, and in the absence of wind resistance, there is nothing to exert an opposite force against that self-illuminated, and self-propelled object, proving that it is a genuine UFO!!

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