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Orange Orbs: Have you seen them yet?

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Orange Orbs: Have you seen them yet?

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:32 pm

To start this post, I would like to borrow from a different site: This sums up very well what hundreds - If not thousands - of people around the world saw on the 4th of July this year:

"Having spent the day at Downtown Disney in Orlando, I was driving my family home. By the time we were rounding into our community, it was dark. As we turned into the neighborhood, my wife spotted some glowing "orbs" in the sky and asked me what they were. At the time, we could only see them through a thick grove of enormous, old oaks draped with Spanish moss.

Then, as we neared the guard shack at the entrance of our neighborhood, we saw several vehicles stopped in that large cul-de-sac, too. The gate guards were looking into the sky. We initially saw 7 glowing orbs moving at a "powered" rate of speed. I say "powered" because they weren't merely floating or being pushed by the (minimal to non-existent) wind. Without knowing how far away they were, it's hard to say how fast they were moving. But, suffice it to say they were moving west to east at what looked like a leisurely rate. No sounds of powered flight whatsoever.

We approached the guard shack and asked how long the sighting/event had been going on. The guard said about 10 mintues of orb activity before we had arrived. I then pulled our car into the community and parked along side one of the large lakes that gives our neighborhood its name. We then had an unobstructed view of the orbs.

By now, the first seven had flickered into the higher-altitude sky, from how it looked. As orbs moved west-to-east, gaining altitude, they got dimmer until vanishing. As orbs vanished in this manner, more orbs appeared in the distance, along the identical route, a leisurely west-east, beginning very bright and dimming with distance and altitude.

There were four more orbs in a straight line, equal distance between them. As those dimmed, three orbs in a large, triangular pattern emerged into view, same course, same speed. As those dimmed, four more orbs in a straight line appeared, gained altitude and dimmed like the others. We didn't have any cameras on us, and in the end, you would only have gotten what everyone's already seen: dots of lights in the sky.

Finally, a single, last orb appeared and took its lonely journey just like all of the other ones. All said, about 20 orbs over the course of the 10-15 mintues we were watching. I'm posting this in hopes that someone had a good video camera handy. This happened about 8:20 PM EST over Tampa, Florida. Actually, in one of the suburb areas known as Brandon/Valrico.

The impression I got from seeing them was... solemn. The feelings in me as I watched them glide through the sky was of "something leaving." I know, these feelings are obviously SUBJECTIVE interpretations. I include them only because some UFO researches, from what I've read/heard (on Coast to Coast AM) have suggested that there could be some form of wordless communication going on. Pure specualtion, but what does it hurt to include?

Scientifically and objectively, these were unidentified flying objects. There was no breeze, and these were not Chinese Lanterns. I've seen (and helped light) Chinese lanterns at a Fourth of July party and know their characteristics. The main give-away for a Chinese lantern is that they are slaves to the wind. These were perfect circles, with a bright center, almost white, then orange then burnt orange in color. They kept the formation that they emerged into view with. If three were in a triangular formation, they remained in the identical formation for the duration of view, not getting slightly closer or slightly farther apart, not drifting.

We were hoping for the event not to end... But as with all good things, it did. Plus, we would've had to have gone home soon anyway because our 18 month old daughter had just awakened. I know that at least 20 people saw this event (in the parked cars, the gate guards and people out walking/jogging around the lake).

Maybe this will attract enough attention ---and someone might have some images or video... Or similar recent experiences..."

Taken from:

As for our group, we have posted our accounts of what we have seen on two different nights. They both were on the 4th of July, so one might say they were fireworks or chinese lanterns, but they are not. These glide in one direction, and they do not shift in the wind the way lanterns do. The one we saw in 2009 got close enough to be about the size of a wooden pencil eraser to nearly dime sized, and the light within it was translucent and pulsating in a rhythmic way, not at all like a flickering candle. It was magnificent, and though transparent, it appeared to be solid, like orange glass, perfectly round.

The first time, in 2009, we all were excited and then everyone went silent -I can only speak for myself when I say it nearly brought me to tears because of a sudden rush of emotion that hit a couple of us.

This year, there may have been a dozen or more, including a group of five or six; Two sets were joined together and then broke apart as they continues, still flying in a straight line to the West. I did not see that group, as I was not in the backyard area at that time.

I will continue to post any information I discover from our 15 witnesses, as well as any videos and pictures from around the world that help show what we saw.
Jackie (Admin)

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More reports

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:13 pm

Long Description of Sighting Report
"We saw the same thing in Oakforest, IL. tonight too.(7-4-11) Right before the fireworks show. They all appeared from nowhere then flew directly over us starting from very far away coming towards us. All started out as a red ball of light. Sometimes flickering, usually solid. Some faded before they got to us, but most just stayed red. All flying very slow, & did not make any noise. The last one, the red light faded just as it flew above us and I clearly saw that it was a white disk because the Jewel parking lot light by us reflected up to the bottom of it. .NO doubt in my mind it was not a plane or helicopter.That makes it a UFO to me. I only had the camera on my phone and the pictures came out too dark to see anything. Not worth uploading to the sight but I feel the need to tell someone about it. I see a few YouTube videos from tongiht with the same thing. My view was much better than these videos, but it seems people are seeing this in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois tonight from what I saw uploaded to You Tube. I am a believer after tonight."

Long Description of Sighting Report
"I was on my way home on the 22 frwy west when 2 large orange glowing orbs caught my attention to the north west of me. I pulled off the freeway to get my binoculars out and was curious to see what exactly it was. When I did so all I could see was a glow of orange in a something like glass ball. The one light farthest away dimmed out and disappeared and then the 2nd one did the same. Amazed, I started back onto the streets when I noticed 2 more glowing orange orbs. I then pulled over again and tried to take my camera out to record but those too dimmed and disappeared. When looking through the binoculars I did not see any blinking lights to indicate an airplane. And these moved very slowly and disappeared. Crazy! Dont know if anyone else saw. Lots of people out tonight too with lighting up fireworks. I saw the first 2 lights at 10:29pm and the 2nd lights at 10:37pm. "

(NOTE: The above post mentions a glass ball shape, exactly what we saw in 2009)

Long Description of Sighting Report
"1. My neighbor and I were sitting outside watching fireworks.

2. I was watching the sky in addition to watching the fireworks.
At 10PM we saw a steady round glow, which appeared to be yellowish in the center and surrounded by a red or orangish glow, larger than a star, steadily moving across the sky from east to southwest, to the south of us. Then we lost sight of it, as it got further away, whether it was too high up or too far west, we don't know.

3. It was odd, definitely did not have two or more lights which appear on planes. AT first we just thought maybe we couldn't see the other lights, because of the angle and that maybe it was just a small 2 passenger plane and that it was too far off to see good. We were fascinated with the sighting and discussing it, wondering what it might be.

4. At a distance, it appeared round and was continuously lit the whole time it was in view. We continued watching the fireworks, then almost exactly 15 minutes later, @ 10:15PM, another object identical to the first, appeared, traveling from the east (it appeared to come from the same exact direction as the first) traveling to the west, this time not as far to the south of us as the first object. Once again, it disappeared as it got further away. Then fifteen minutes later (10:30PM), another identical object appeared, this time going right over us. Then two more objects appeared one at a time within the next 5 minutes, each one traveling further to the northwest of us than the last. 10:30PM was the last sighting. We continued watching until about 11:10PM and did not see any other objects. On each occasion, the one preceding it would disappear before the next one would appear.

5. We were calm and curious. I mentioned the possibility of weather balloons, then UFOs because they seemed to be traveling with a purpose in mind. She was wondering at first if it was a search party for something, because they were all 5 traveling at different angles.

6. We lost sight of the objects because of distance. "

July 5, 2011- Lakewood, Washington (10:12 PM)
Pilot Takes Video of Large Orange Ball That Moved Rapdily Eastward

July 4, 2011 - Rochester, Michigan (11:30 PM)
Triangle of 3 Red Lights Approached, Stopped, & Departed. Lights Vanished Sequentially

July 4, 2011 - Wichita, Kansas (11 PM)
Aerial Giant Yellowish Orange Light, Hover Then Shots Straight Up & to the Right

July 4, 2011 - Millsboro, Delaware (Time Not Reported)
3 to 5 Orange Lights Seen in Night Sky. One Vanished & 2 Flew Away

July 4, 2011 - Oak Grove, Missouri (Time Not Reported)
Couple Witness 7 to 10 objects That Had a Red-Orange & Yellow Lght

July 4, 2011 - Lancaster, Ohio (9:30 PM)
2 See Floating Orange Pulsating Ball in Night Sky

July 4, 2011 - Redondo Beach, California (9:24 PM)
9 Red Lights in Row, Make "L" Formation & Then Triangular. Photo Taken.

July 4, 2011 - Broomfield, Colorado (9 PM)
3 to 4 Bright Yellow Lights Seen in E. Sky. 3 Lights Were in Triangular Formation.

July 4, 2011 - West Melbourne, Florida (9 PM)
Small, Orange Circle Moves Northwest Going Very Fast and Disappears.

July 4, 2011 - Eastvale, California (9 PM)
Deputy Sheriff and Several Others See 3 Orange Lights Hover in E Sky & Then Vanish

July 4, 2011 - San Diego, California (9:30 PM)
2 See Red Lights Hovering in Triangular Formation in E. Sky For About 5 Min.

July 4, 2011 - San Jose, California (9 PM)
Red Light Hovers & Then Streaks Away in Night Sky

July 4, 2011 - Crestview, Florida (9:20 PM)
Police Officers See Large Amber Light Move East in Night Sky

July 4, 2011 - Meridian, Idaho (9:30 PM)
3 Glowing, Silent Orange Orbs, 2 at first & then a 3rd Fly NE Then SE. Photos

This is noteworthy:

"Date: 07/04/11

Time: 01:50

Duration: 2 minutes

Witnesses: 3

Shape: Fireball

I am an EMS helicopter pilot in the Cleveland Ohio area with a two nurse crew this morning. We had just dropped off a patient on the rooftop helipad of a hospital three miles east of downtown Cleveland and were preparing to depart for base when all three of us witnessed a "fireball like" object.

At approximately 1:50 AM July 4th 2011 I was preparing for engine start when I observed this fireball like circular object flying from east to west just north of our position. It appeared closest when I first saw it. This is an area of intense air traffic so it took a second look to determine it did not look like an airplane. At this particular time of morning there were no other aircraft seen.

I immediately jumped out of the cockpit and went back to the crew loading our equipment and told them check this out. All three of us watched the object fly over the shoreline at approximately 3000 to 4000 ft. Maybe a speed of 150kts at least. We tried to determine if it was an airliner as this is the same area they fly on their approach to Cleveland Hopkins airport. However there were no position lights and no strobes. We could not see any structure except for the roundness and color. It was a yellow golden sphere with red on the sides (See drawing). The bright red seemed to have the characteristic of fire or vertical flames but was not flames. It was not underneath only on the sides with a little on the top. It was like red electrical fire. It did not look like jet propulsion.

I am not an artist but I did attempt to draw what I saw and that is included here. I would estimate a fairly good sized object, at least 10-20 feet across. It flew east to west over the shoreline. As it approached downtown proper it turned northwest and departed out over the lake at a constant altitude and airspeed. "

There are over 150 new reports on this at the nuforc site alone, although some were a few days prior to the 4th of July. Here is their statement:


NUFORC continues to receive an inordinately large number of alleged sightings of peculiar red, orange, amber, gold, or yellow “fireballs,” This is a phenomenon that first came to our attention in late June 2010, and numerous sighting reports have been submitted to our Center frequently, since that time. We do not know what the objects are, although a few of the cases have been ascribed to launches of so-called “Chinese lanterns.” However, the information available to us here at NUFORC strongly suggests that only a small fraction of the cases of “fireballs” in the nighttime sky can be ascribed to such terrestrial pyrotechnic devices. If any of the visitors to our website has been witness to the phenomena we have posted, or to others, which are not posted on our site, we would be most grateful if they would please submit reports of their respective sightings..." (Please submit an online report)

Jackie (Admin)

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Orange Orbs, More

Post  Copernicus on Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:04 pm

Just this weekend... lots of them... all over the place...

Mufon reports...

Post your orbs, if you have them!




For almost two years, the National UFO Reporting Center has attempted to call to the attention of the public the fact that frequent sightings of clusters of red, orange, and yellow “fireballs” are occurring, for which there appears to be no adequate explanation. The objects clearly are not aircraft, meteors, satellites, weather balloons, swamp gas…all objects that frequently are cited by UFO skeptics in attempt to explain the UFO phenomenon in pedestrian terms.

On the evening of Saturday, November 10th, 2012, NUFORC began to receive a “pulse” of reports of sightings of these peculiar “fireballs,” and that trend appears to continue, as this text is being written.

In order to bring this information to the attention of the public as quickly as possible, we post below a sample of some of the reports that have been submitted to our Center over the last 24 hours. The event appears to us to be of sufficient importance and magnitude to warrant our posting the reports in their “raw” form. The reports are largely unedited, and appear in their original form, although we have attempted to confirm that each report indicates the correct times. The reports are in order of occurrence of the sightings, allowing for the three time zones in the U. S..

In particular, we would like to call the readers’ attention to the report below from Castle Rock, Washington, submitted by a current airline pilot (ATP pilot’s license), who encountered three of the orange objects on a remote stretch of highway in Washington State. The witness reported to us via telephone that the objects appeared so low that he thought they were going to land on the highway in front of his vehicle.

If anyone visiting our website has been witness to one of the events shown below, we would like to invite the person to submit a written report, using our Online Report Form. Also, we encourage witnesses to contact the local press in their area…radio, television, and newspaper offices…in order to report the sighting to them, and in attempt to achieve some publicity for the sighting. If other witnesses to the event are located, please have them submit a written report, as well. "

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continuing study of fireballs

Post  quantumskunk on Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:18 pm

i have recently purchased a sigma 4.5 mm f/2.8 fish eye lens for my canon t3i which i use with astroscope night vision.
full 180 degree FOV. i intend to do sequential 5 minute movie clips of clear nights when ever i have the gumption. i have already captured meteors with a tokina 11-16 mm f/2.8 zoom. concurrently i plan to do long exposure night sky, >30 seconds time lapse using a vivatar 7mm f/3.5 on a canon xt. once again this is all catch as catch can. gotta hold down the day time job.

i have lots of b&w cctv mpegs to review and sure can use help. barring fancy and expensive software, manual viewing of 5 hour videos is the poor man's way of finding anything unusual. clown


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Re: Orange Orbs: Have you seen them yet?

Post  Copernicus on Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:31 am

Bravo for your efforts, Quantumskunk!! cheers

I wish I had the time to help you out reviewing the images, but I'm pretty busy these days... perhaps motion sensing software might be the key?


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Re: Orange Orbs: Have you seen them yet?

Post  qmantoo on Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:10 am

If you had a tripod setup took one photo per minute(for example), it would be fairly easy to write a program to subtract one image from the next and show if there was anything left.

I had thought about doing this for clear blue sky, which would probably give a nice uniform grey (when converted to greyscale) and it would show the pixels in the image which were lighter/darker than the surrounding ones - these lighter/darker ones may be 'something' which could be investigated and the whole operation could be automated relatively easily. Not really sure how it would work because if there were clouds in the sky it would mess it all up. :-)


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Re: Orange Orbs: Have you seen them yet?

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:41 am

Bravo for the work and the interesting ideas, Quantumskunk! I look forward to anything you are able to share here. Are you looking for assistance in going over images or videos? Maybe there are some readers that would be able to help?

Q, as I am not a programmer in any way, is this actually something you could create? If so, maybe it is something that would be very helpful for Quantumskunk.

Thanks for the effort each of you are doing toward bringing truth to the shadow lands.
Jackie (Admin)

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Re: Orange Orbs: Have you seen them yet?

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