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7/30: Red UFO Seen at close range with spotlight - Detailed Report

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7/30: Red UFO Seen at close range with spotlight - Detailed Report

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:29 am

I have spoken with Mr. Davenport, and have much respect for him and his website. Personally, I find him to be precise, cautious, and non-speculative. Please visit his website and support his efforts if you are able.


Date: 07/30/11
Time: 21:00
Duration: 4 minutes
Sighting City: Lumberton
Sighting State: NJ
Sighting Zip: 08048
Sighting County: Burlington
Witnesses: 3
Shape: Fireball
Number of Craft: 2
Lights On Object: Yes
Aura: Yes
Aircraft: Yes

Summary: Two red-orange fireballs observed and interacted with via spotlight.

Description: On Saturday July 30, 2011, I was out walking my dogs shortly before 9pm EDT. It was a very pleasant evening with clear skies, calm winds, temperature in the low 70’s with a dew point in the lower 60’s. Because I live in a very open area, adjacent to a large farm, it is always quite dark outside. As such, when walking my dogs I always take a powerful spotlight with me…to light my way and also see if I am approaching any wildlife.

I am an avid amateur astronomer, so whenever there are clear skies, I often take in the view while walking the dogs. On this particular evening, I observed a very bright "fireball" looking object on the northern horizon. The object was a brilliant red-orange color. I would rate its apparent magnitude as -4 -- comparable to Venus at its brightest or the International Space Station. The “fireball” had a distinct circular shape to it. Its apparent size was 4 times the size of Venus. This object proceeded on a southerly course and flew directly over top of me. It took approximately 45 seconds for the object to track from the northern horizon to a position nearly overheard. At the closest approach, I would approximate the altitude to be between 1500-2500 feet. I was able to approximate altitude because I live a few miles from a small airport (Flying W – Medford, NJ). Single engine craft on approach must adhere to a 600 ft flight level. The fireball appeared to be 2-3 times higher. This first object, after passing over me, vanished.

Within 10 seconds of the first object vanishing, I noticed a second object, exact same characteristics; once again appear on the northern horizon. At this point I asked my wife and daughter to come out and look at the object. My wife brought her Nikon D5000 (DSLR 14MP) camera. Once again, the object was a circular orb with an extremely bright red-orange light. It followed the exact same course/heading as the first craft (North to South ... straight line). Altitude was approximately 1,500 - 2,500 feet and speed was similar to that of the first object.

This time, my wife was able to take two pictures of the object. They are attached. More importantly, I grabbed my spotlight (15 million candlepower) and began to shine it directly on the object at its closest approach to us (nearly overhead). After 3 bursts of the spotlight, the bright red-orange light on the object immediately ceased. I continued to shine the light on the object and was able to observe the following:

> The object appeared solid.

> The object had a round, circular shape.

> The object was clearly rotating or spinning in a counter-clockwise fashion.

> The object appeared to be 50-60% the size of the full moon.

> The object had a gray or silver color that reflected the spotlight beam.

> The object was completely devoid of any sound.

> The object continued on a southerly course, with no visible light, until we could no longer see it.

> The duration of the second sighting was no more than 3 minutes – First appearance on Northern horizon to disappearing from view in the Southern sky.

I am an avid amateur astronomer with many years of experience. I also am very well versed in meteorology. I know what commercial and military aircraft look like, as we are in the flight path of commercial (Philadelphia International) and military (McGuire AFB) airports. I also know that the atmosphere was clear and stable at the time of the sighting. I know what most objects are in the sky-- such as planets, stars, constellations, satellites etc. I firmly believe that the object that was witnessed by my wife, ((text deleted for privacy)), and me was not something that I have ever seen before. It was certainly extraordinary. I think I am most puzzled by the way the object immediately cut out its light when I focused a spotlight on it. It certainly took my breath away to see the shape, color and rotation of the solid object as I illuminated it from below.

This and other reports can be found here:
Jackie (Admin)

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