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Unidentified Flying Objects - UFO in close up and detailed as never seen before

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Unidentified Flying Objects - UFO in close up and detailed as never seen before

Post  1967sander on Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:46 pm

Hello friends!

After a total of 10 years (not continuously of course) I finally completed my most cherished project.
The endresult: 33:04 minutes of video with dozens of close ups of UFO you have never seen elsewhere.

Most of you have already seen them in NASA footage. At normal speed they look like flashes of coloured light. They move very fast through space (like lightning) and normally we are unable to see them.

When they slow down speed however we actually can capture them. Only for a very short period of 0.035 seconds (~1 frame)
but that is long enough for making a decent screenshot.

I literally had to watch dozens of hours of NASA live transmissions (HD quality when available). Finding these objects is not diffic but very timeconsuming. I went through these videos frame by frame and it caused me cramp in my fingertips (imagine that!) Most of these UFO showed up in a single frame but there are a few exceptions. Each time when I saw an interesting and also clearly visible UFO (they are with millions!) I made a screenshot.

What brings me to the following: If I can capture these UFO, you can, but so can NASA! I cannot believe that NASA does not know about these UFO. No ... I have prove that they do as one of the astronauts took a picture of one of them with a camera with crosshairs!

Back to our little unknown friends who have all kinds of shapes. After many hours of selecting the various shapes, I managed to distinct 10 main classes / groups:

green -- round, oval or conical shape
green -- fishlike with skeleton structure
red -- long corkscrew shape with red flash (flash indicating heading?)
red -- fishlike with skeleton structure.
blue -- fishlike with skeleton structure.
blue -- corkscrew with purple skeleton
white -- corkscrew with small vins (like "Skyfish").
white -- with orange centre which is emitting light
white -- round (very small ones, no details visible)
long with multiple colours -- corkscrew type

You of course are curious in learning how I managed to do this. Well the secret behind the enhancements is a clever piece of software which most of you might never heard of. This is not so strange as the software normally is not used by the public.
You will mainly find it in science and it is quite expensive. It is called: (*) Lucis Professional Scientific Image Processing Software.
Furthermore I have lots of forensic software, which can make almost anything discernable what is normally not visible to the human eye.

Some people may wonder why I do not go to scientists with this but place it on a website like Youtube. I am aware that my credibility will be lesser because I publish my findings on social media websites but my aim is to inform the entire world and I do not want this information to disappear in someone's drawer.

I can with 100% certainly tell you that these objects are not artifacts and most definitely no cosmic rays. If these were cosmic rays than I would have found them everywhere in the footage which I so carefully examined. Fact is that when it becomes light the objects disappear and they return when it gets dark.

I hope you enjoy watching this video and that you will also go out hunting for more images of these UFO!



P.S. My personal view is that these are aliens or some kind of alien technology but that's my view!

(*) Lucis® is the trade name for Differential Hysteresis Processing, a patented image enhancement process originally developed to enhance detail in scanning electron microscope images. Lucis® quickly, easily, and accurately reveals indiscernible image information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to view. Lucis is straightforward to use and very flexible in terms of how it transforms pixels. You choose how to best present the digital content in your image. Enhance the smallest contrast variations (detail), the largest contrast variations (features) or mid-range contrast variations (patterns).

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