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3 UFO near the Sun - one could be real

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3 UFO near the Sun - one could be real  Empty 3 UFO near the Sun - one could be real

Post  1967sander on Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:06 pm

Yes I have changed the original header from "3 UFO near the Sun - these could be real" to "3 UFO near the Sun - one could be real".

Why? Because I could not collect enough material on two objects. These probably are artifacts caused by cosmic rays.

But ... there is this one object that really deserves your attention.

Before I will guide you through the video please note that the NASA images you are about to wittness are made by a satellite that looks into a light spectrum we humans cannot see, (so-called black light or UV) namely the extreme ultra violet, hence the name of the satellite: EUVI which stands for Extreme Ultra Violet Imager. The satellite does not photograph like a normal camera, no, it detects the level of radiation and the software onboard the satellite transforms the data into an image. That is also why the Sun is green and not yellow/white.

We know that the Sun is a source of extreme energy and radiation but so are stars and other energy producing objects in space. Energy producing objects emit UV rays and therefore emit radiation. Conclusion: only an object that generates lots of energy / radiation can be seen by these EUVI satellites.

Finally and the most important: The EUVI 195 satellite sees the energy / UV rays emitted by Fe VII ... yes ... IRON ionized particles. It therefore means that it can see / detect any metallic objects that contain Fe VII. So why not a spaceship?

These UFO around the Sun have always fascinated me but most of the time these STEREO images show tiny blurred or hazy objects in always in a very bad quality. In fact too bad to be properly enhanced. Due to radiation and other technical issues these photos contain numerous artefacts and deformations. What I have been waiting for was an object that A) was good enough to be enhanced, B) had a clear structure and C) not (too) many artefacts.

Thanks to Scott C. Waring & Youtube user "BeePeeOilDisaster", I finally found the photo I needed.

They found a rather interesting object on STEREO BEHIND EUVI 195 bearing reference 20110122104610n7eub195.jpg (resolution 2048x2048).

Here is how it all begun.

On January 22nd, 2011 Youtube user "BeePeeOilDisaster' posted a video and in his testimonial he said "Go to the NASA STEREO website, input 20110122 and 20110122 using Behind EUVI 195 then after it loads scroll to the time frame 10:46:10 and there is the original... You can save it to your PC and adjust the Zoom, Brightness and Contrast to bring out the detail of the image."

Well, NASA monitors Youtube as well, looked and listened to what he had to say and they acted immediately!

NASA REMOVED THE LINK and this particular photo is no longer downloadable from their website! Instead we see a new and clearly censored image. Now, why would anyone do this if they did not have a very good reason? Why are we not allowed to see a photo with numerous uninteresting "artefacts" and deformations caused by the Sun's radioactive particles or is there more to it than they want us to believe?

This is what happened.

NASA first renamed the file from 20110122104610n7eub195.jpg (10:46:10) to 20110122104530n7eub195 (10:45:30) and than changed the corresponding URL to 20110122104530n4eub195.jpg.html. The curious thing however is that THEY DID NOT CHANGE THE UNIQUE IMPRINTED FILE NUMBER ON THE PHOTO.

The photo STILL HAS FILE NUMBER 104610 and the corresponding URL is 104530???

I fear that after posting this video they will also change that very rapidly... LOL ... too late! I made screenshots of everything and downloaded every single file that proves this.

If you now would enter the original URL to the photo you will end up with a 404 File Not Found error message. Fortunately prior to deletion I managed to get the original. For those interested I uploaded the ORIGINAL photo to below URL for you to "play" with.

There is more to this photo as it appears that the "original" had already been edited prior upload and I will show you what I mean. For those questioning these enhancements: please note that all techniques and software used to perform these enhancements are used in microbiology, astronomy, science and forensics.

So what is this object? I have no idea! It is NOT the ISS (totally different shape), most definitely NO satellite, I will show you why and we can also exclude comets, asteroids or planets! Leaves us with only one other option: this is a UFO.

What about the hundreds of other objects? Not every speck, line, blurred dot is a UFO. Some objects however are worth an investigation.. So if you can show me a good and clear picture with a strange object in a decent quality than please contact me.

CREDITS to Scott C. Waring & Youtube user "BeePeeOilDisaster" for pointing me at this particular photo. You can visit the link here:

And here is my video!

There's a lot more to come soon!

Stay tuned,



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