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The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

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The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:21 pm

"Uploaded by LunaCognita on May 14, 2008

Apollo 10's amazing encounter with a VERY bizarre anomaly while behind the far side of the Moon. This segment will give you an up-close look at an astounding audio transcript from the Apollo 10 mission that has never before been publicly analyzed - and that NASA and the Apollo 10 astronauts to this day still refuse to talk about.
You will follow Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, and John Young as they become only the second crew in history to journey behind the lunar far side. During this period of "LOS" (Loss Of Signal), the astronauts encounter something truly incredible - they discover MUSIC behind the Moon!

Throughout the Apollo program, the CSM and LM spacecraft carried what were known as DSE and DSEA "black box" flight data recorders. These instruments recorded the internal LM and CSM crew conversations while the astronauts were around the lunar far side and out of radio contact with Earth. Although NASA has never made the actual DSE/DSEA audio recordings public, transcripts of these far side conversations are available in the NASA archives, and as you will see, they offer up some truly AMAZING surprises!

Here is a link to the Apollo 10 DSEA voice transcript (in PDF format) for those who are interested.

Stay tuned for Jose Escamilla's new motion picture documentary "MOON RISING", where we will go into much further depth about what is, without exaggeration, the most monumental coverup in human history."

( )

Jackie (Admin)

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Post  1967sander on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:00 am

Hi there,

Unfortunately From the Apollo transcripts we do not know whether the astronauts heard the music:

1: inside the module (without the headset)
2: via the headset, thus transmitted on a radio-frequency used by NASA
3: coming from the loudspeaker
4: coming out of space through the walls of the module. Which would mean that "something" would have to be attached to the walls of the Apollo, so the vibration / sound waves can be transmitted directly.
5: inside their heads

So the music either was generated electronically / digitally / transmitted, or the music was heard directly inside the heads of the astronauts, which could indicate some kind of telepathy. Many scientist believe that the further humans genetically evolve the more they will loose ability to speak and start to communicate using telepathy. Did the astronauts really "hear" music with their ears or did they think they heard it but it was in fact communication of a higher level?

Any thoughts ...



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OK, I'll post my theories......

Post  rick1959 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:05 am

At risk of being excruciatingly hairsplitting, all sensory perception resides within the brain.
Ears, eyes and the rest, simply transmit a "signal" to the brain for processing where the real interpretation occurs. And that doesn't address the prospect that other, more "ethereal" functions and operation that take place with our senses. The general term is "soul", I believe.

And, a few points to note.
The "sound" was apparent only away from Earth. Backside of the moon. Perhaps some sort of "beacon" directed into space to allow for "someone" to home in on?
Something else was visible during the sounds to the crew, all three, during the time of the sound. Perhaps something else projected the sound into the equipment and/or cabins of the crew?
If it was "normally" auditory sound, what were the chances it was recorded along with the crew chatter? Of course, we'd need to hear the recording which isn't available, to know if something had been picked up on the tape. Assuming the recording device had that ability if it were normal audio. Curiously, the audio tapes still remain classified? Why?, after 42 years....unless there is something to hide?

For me, I'd expect someone more advanced than myself to have unknown (to me) capabilities of communication. In this case, perhaps the acquisition of the "music" was from an unanticipated "harmonic" (bet you radio folks among know what I mean). Maybe it was directed at the astronauts?

My personal guess is the Music was heard through auditory means.
Why, and I know this pretty feeble, is I'm unaware of any mention in the transcript that there was a telepathic component to the experience. Of course, perhaps it was telepathically project to mimic an auditory sound. Since the senses actually process within the brain (or Soul, perhaps), it is entirely possible it was just thought to be heard, when it really was telepathic....

Then again, could it be, perhaps, beyond our ability to comprehend.... currently?

Sorry Sander, don't think I've done much to answer your questions, but hope adds to the discussion...:-)

P.S. Or, was simply an invitation from an advanced culture to join the community of space as a benevolent partner? The powers-to-be could never accept that, now could they. It wouldn't be in their, excuse me, our best interest......?

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Re: The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:50 pm

My goodness, thank you for such a deep and thoughtful response, Rick1959!

You raise some points to be considered and you bring up a few new questions as well. Can the human ear detect a vibration that is sent through space? Would it be that the metal of the Apollo craft was vibrating and making the hum? Could it have been something that directly was received by their auditory systems?

Has there ever been a word about this from any other astronaut? I hope someone has theories to add, or that you do, Rick. Thanks again!

Jackie (Admin)

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Re: The stunning Apollo 10 coverup - The Music Behind The Moon

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