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UFO fleet.wmv

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UFO fleet.wmv

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Thu Sep 15, 2011 9:51 pm

Uploaded by 1967sander on Apr 5, 2011

This video I made shows a lot of unknown flying objects, which I most recently found on NASA's Gateway Website. These photos show groups / or perhaps a fleet of shape-shifting UFO. NASA forgot to edit these photos, which for the first time REALLY show us that there might be (alien) lifeforms living on the edge of our atmosphere. These photos were originally taken by Skylab III. The fleet / or anomalies were photographed over the Polar Light.

Skylab 3 mission: 07/28/1973 till 09/25/1973

Direct link to first photo: hxxp://­s/sseop/­oll=130&frame=3096­&QueryResult­sFile=130218370952682.tsv

(change: "hxxp" to "http")

Update: 08 April 2011

I have read a lot of scepticism / stupid remarks about my video. I too had my doubts about the things I saw.

Reflections? Many people say that this the result of reflections, photographic time exposure and other technical issues. Well ... I challenge you to show me with some photographic material or a video that you can proof that these anomalies are a result of time exposure. Because I doubt you will be able! What camera movements, shuttertime is required to make these photos? NONE. You cannot make spiral shaped objects from stars with a long exposure time. The objects would become a line, stripe, blurred dot but never ever triangle shape, spiral shape, or with more than 1 angle. Skylab III circled around the earth so any stars with long exposure time would have become curved lines. I have been a hobby astronomer for more than 3 decades and know all about photographic time exposure.

Read this for change: hxxp://

Space debris / satellites? hxxp://­1960s

Spaceships: I do not assume that these objects are spaceships or intelligent lifeforms. UFO in my opinion is something that is unknown and flies, not a vessel or machine.

I am always open for criticism but please come up with some clear evidence. Not merely assume that we are dealing with photographic time exposure but literally show me how stars can get these strange shapes. See the photolink and compare the green lines going through these objects. They DO NOT all point in the same direction. So the explanation: slow shutter speed + movement by the camera - will not stand.


Also check my new video:

I have much more stuff to come soon!!! So stay tuned!!!



P.S. I apologize for this slight ... uhum ... error: It is Skylab III and not Spacelab III

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