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UFO on the Moon - 2 new evidence

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UFO on the Moon - 2 new evidence

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:00 pm

If you are aware of similar pictures, please share your information. Thanks!

1967sander's channel on youtube:

"Hi there,

Here it is!

The video with more evidence of the UFO I have found on AS11-38-5673.
I had a hard time finding the object on other NASA images but I found it.

Now I have found it on:

AS11-38-5673, AS11-38-5674 and AS11-38-5675 but in different locations!

The UFO as seen on AS11-38-5673 is located approx. 40 miles east of the Plutarch crater, which lies on the farside of the moon. The UFO is clearly visible on the moon surface, reflecting sunlight and the brightest object on the moon compared with surrounding terrain and craters. It is enormous in size: at least 30 miles long, 10 miles wide and 1 mile high!

Info on the Plutarch crater: diameter: 41 miles / depth: 9000'

Special software used in astronomy, forensic science and microbiology (e.g. Lucis Science Applications) was needed to make the UFO visible. The process was executed with utmost care. It took weeks and many hours of testing before I completed the enhancements and I finally could make this video.

Whatever landed or hovered here, it did not leave any visible print on the surface. Or perhaps you can find it? I will keep on searching ;-) for more evidence.
Originally taken from Apollo 16

Lunar Orbiter IV -

I hope you enjoy the video!



Jackie (Admin)

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