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Moon Phase

UFO on the Moon - 1

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UFO on the Moon - 1

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:33 am

This is the first of two videos by our friend, 1967sander.

Please check his site on Youtube for more incredible work.

Uploaded by 1967sander on Apr 12, 2011

Hi there,

Here's another one for you! This video is about two vector shaped UFO.
( V-shape or three pointed star). I found these on photos from the Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 mission. The first UFO is located 40 miles east of the Plutarch crater. The UFO is clearly visible on the moon surface, reflecting sunlight, very bright compared to the surrounding terrain / craters and enormous in size: at least 30 miles long, 10 miles wide and 1 mile high!


It is NOT a mountain range! See Google moon screenshot here:

Check these photos from Apollo 16 as they also show a "flat " landing area!

direct link:
direct link:

FYI: I am not using software like photoshop, paint or similar software.

These images have not been created or drawn; except the 3D models. Special designed software used in astronomy, forensic science and microbiology (e.g. ImageJ) have been used to perform the enhancements. The process was executed with great care. It took weeks and many hours of testing before I completed them and I could make this video.

Can you also reproduce these enhancements? Sure, with proper software / skills and a lot of patience you can too. I even urge you to, so you can verify that this is not a drawn picture but a genuine enhancement of a UFO. I was and still am very excited about the result. Never ever in my wildest dreams, I believed to see something like this. Have fun watching the video and ask yourself what it is you see. Perhaps you know what it could be!

What we do know is that it is NO MOUNTAIN RANGE, NO REFLECTION in the window of the Apollo command module, photo quality is "good" according to the Apollo 11 photo index and it does not show up anywhere in this location on other photos from this series! NOT on AS11-38-5672 / 5674 ...

Apollo 11 - vector shape UFO: AS11-38-5673


Apollo 17 - vector shape UFO: AS17-134-20455




Note: I am open for discussion regarding this post but PEOPLE that only visit my channel in order to PLACE DUMB REMARKS, plus that they do not add anything interesting to the discussion ARE REMOVED INSTANT!

Much more to come soon!

One more enhancement of the first object,. It shows in detail the inner structure of the leg.

Jackie (Admin)

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