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Black Triangles - an eye witness account: Watch the skies and bring a camera!

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Black Triangles - an eye witness account: Watch the skies and bring a camera!

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:43 am

Over the years, there have been numerous reports of large, black triangular shaped ufos that floated above our skylines. There appears to be a current wave of these over the US.

On 11/27/12, my adult son had gone out into our backyard with our three rottweilers. He had been out for about 3 or 4 minutes when he banged on the kitchen window and insisted that I come outside, that there were strange lights in the sky. I grabbed my cellphone, and my two oldest grandchildren tagged along.

When I stepped outside, it was about 6:50 PM, and I saw three red lights in a horizontal line directly in front of me and less than a 1/4 mile away. The object appeared to be a solid craft and moved slowly toward the south east, just above the tops of the distant pine trees.

I tried to take a picture, though my phone does not provide good night shots, and switched to video. Unfortunately, there appears to be very little usable information from any of it. The sighting lasted for about 3 minutes, and as this object turned more to the south, it began to take on a very distinct triangular shape.

I would like to emphasize something here; As it slowly pivoted, not turning like a plane in any way, I was hit with a near panic sensation. Standing in plain view with a dumbstruck son and two excited and screaming kids aged 9 and 10, I felt a sudden urge to get us all in the house. My heart was pounding, and I wondered if it was turning to come back towards us. Instead, it eased down over the hill towards the valley below and the fear stopped. Inexplicably, I ran inside, grabbed my good camera and my keys, jumped into my car and CHASED after it. Strange when I think of the fear that had ran through me so intensly just moments before. My 10 year old grandchild insisted on coming with me, and since I was on the home phone with Copernicus at the time, he suggested that I bring her as well. I was calm and determined at this point, but we did not see anything above the dark country highway when we got down into the valley and I suddenly decided that it might be best to just go home rather that cruise the poorly lit road.

In hindsight, of course I wish I had grabbed my camera rather than the cellphone to take the pictures and video, but perhaps something can be extracted from the minute and a half of video I managed to take. I'll update as information becomes available.

Here are the points I would appreciate you considering-

If you have the chance for the next few days, please take a good look around your skies and have a camera with you. Try and make certain what direction you're facing, and note any landmarks so that you can figure the distance later.

If you do see this craft, be aware that a common sensation appears to be a sudden wash of fear. I can assure you - if this was a hostile intelligence, we were sitting duck targets in plain view and at close range, and no harm came to us at all. Try and remain calm, and please try and include some of the background for reference later in any picture or videos you take.

Furthermore, a nearly exact situation happened about 3 hours later, 7 miles to the East of where we are, and thankfully, these folks reported their sighting. This helps of course to track the movement of this or a similar craft, and as other reports come in, additional information may arise based on the locations and timing of the sightings.

Of course, the questions are obvious - How do we know this isn't a military vehicle? The answer is - I don't know that. I have no idea who or what was piloting that aircraft. I will say it was not any kind of conventional craft that I have ever seen. We are directly under a flight path to SeaTac airport and are constantly hearing and seeing airplanes and helicopters many times each day and night. This object was simply huge - silent, and hovered as it moved. The red lights pulsed without anti-collision lights, and it stayed in place as the whole craft shifted direction, pivoting rather than turning. The lights also looked different than any I have seen in my life. They were beautiful and looked as if there was something plasma-like about them.

So, if you do encounter this or some other odd flying vehicle, please come and tell us about it. It isn't the ridicule or the disbelief of our population that keeps this subject in the dark -

It's the silence.


If you see a ufo, PLEASE take the time and report it -

Here's a to-the-point article by Roger Marsh regarding the black triangles:

This is the site for ufostalker - a map of sightings around the world:

The website of James Clarkson, Washington State director of MUFON and a very dedicated and informative researcher:


Best regards to all -

Jackie (Admin)
Jackie (Admin)

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Re Black Triangles

Post  fyrefly on Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:03 pm

Thanks for sharing that Jackie, amazing incident and I can just imagine how you felt. Excellent report, quite frightening, maybe now more people will regularly go outdoors and check the skies. I hope if something as exciting happens to me I'll have the same presence of mind that you did Laughing

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