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Claim of base on the Moon

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Claim of base on the Moon

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Sat May 21, 2011 5:47 pm

Disclosure Project Witness: Sgt. Karl Wolfe - US Air Force
quotes from video:
"I was asked to go over to this facility on Langley Air Force base where the NSA was bringing in the information from the Lunar Orbiter"

"they took me into this laboratory, i took a look at the equipment, there was a 'Airman 2nd Class' in there, and i was a A2C as well"

"we walked over to one side of the lab and he said, by the way we've discovered a base on the backside of the Moon"

"then he pulled out one of these mosaics and showed this base which had geometric shapes, there were towers, spherical buildings, there were very tall towers and things that somewhat looked like radar dishes but they were large structures"

quote from link:

"I didn't want to look at it any longer than that, because I felt that my life was in jeopardy. Do you understand what I'm saying? I would have loved to have looked at it longer, I would have loved to have had copies. I would love to have said more about it, discussed it more, but I knew I couldn't. I knew the young fellow who was sharing this was really, really overstepping his bounds at that point.

"I felt that he just needed somebody to talk to. He hadn't discussed it, couldn't discuss it, and he wasn't doing it for any ulterior motive other than the fact that I think he had the weight of this thing on him and it was distressing to him…

"I knew that I couldn't go anyplace for at least five years without telling the State Department where I was, after I left the military. Any time I traveled I had to notify and get permission, even in the United States. They had to know where I was all the time. As an example, if we went to Vietnam there was always someone there with us, with a gun, ready to annihilate us basically if we should fall into the hands of the enemy. They didn't want the enemy to get us; we would be killed instead.

"So we knew we were operating under these sort of conditions. Your life was in jeopardy all the time, should you fall into the wrong hands. So we were aware of that. I was told when I left that I would be investigated on a regular basis to make sure that I wasn't involved in any peculiar activities that didn't suit the government's needs."

the crater that looks like a satellite dish is named "Greaves"

AS16-121-19438 (April 1972) --- An oblique view of a portion of the lunar nearside as photographed from the Apollo 16 spacecraft in lunar orbit, looking across the Sea of Crises southwesterly into the Sea of Tranquility. The conspicuous, bright-rayed crater is Proclus. The crater Taruntius in the northeasterly portion of the Sea of Fertility is near the left center edge. A portion of the Sea of Serenity is visible on the horizon at upper right.

full size image here -
low resolution -


direct link to enhanced:


Jackie (Admin)

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From a different angle

Post  Copernicus on Sun May 22, 2011 2:30 pm

Here’s the Karl Wolfe clip:

I have yet to look at the Greaves area, but thank you for pointing out that AS17 image, since I hadn’t seen it before.

The NASA moon bases video

The video scans around this image, AS17-150-23085, featuring the huge “building”…

It certainly does look like a building to me… but… after a bit of research, I realized the area was familiar… let’s have a look at a higher res shot from Apollo 16 of the same feature…

Seen from a different perspective this doesn’t look like a building any more. Now, at full res…

The slumped material is odd-looking, all right, and I’ve even seen a video clip where it was visually suggested by added highlights that the lighter material on top of the dark looks like a long-necked dinosaur (ie. a brontosaurus)! Very Happy

This is actually in the crater Lobachevsky, and the 3.5MB AS16 image is available for download at The Gateway:


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