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City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization

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City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization Empty City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:08 pm

An interesting write up regarding the search for life - Perhaps, a little closer to home...

"ScienceDaily (Nov. 3, 2011) — In the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, astronomers have hunted for radio signals and ultra-short laser pulses. In a new paper, Avi Loeb (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) and Edwin Turner (Princeton University) suggest a new technique for finding aliens: look for their city lights. "Looking for alien cities would be a long shot, but wouldn't require extra resources. And if we succeed, it would change our perception of our place in the universe," said Loeb..."

City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization Kuiperbelt

Read the article here:

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Jackie (Admin)
Jackie (Admin)

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City Lights Could Reveal E.T. Civilization Empty Interesting thought..

Post  rick1959 on Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:11 pm

Very Interesting, Thank you Jackie!

I am always curious why humans think others (alien life forms) would do just as humans do?

It assumes that other life forms have the same sensory abilities/capabilities that we do....Progress the way we do...Are at the same level of development....

Wonder how a civilization, say 100 years ahead or behind us that is just the as we are/were, could find us? Most forms of radio communication simply and limited 100 years ago.....TV signal would be missed, for example. Even TV signals have changed format in the last few years, from analog to digital and frequencies changes as well....

Point is, I guess you have to start somewhere....But....Thne, why not seriously study information we have already about local phenomenon like. well....UFO's? Oh right, that isn't serious study material....... affraid

I'm always amazed at self-professed "great minds"........Cheers, Rick Smile

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