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2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video

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2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video Empty 2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video

Post  quantumskunk on Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:10 pm

i have always been interested in meteors. it is a real phenomena. back in the ancient days of the 1970's i tried to capture meteor trails on iso 400 film without much success. i have just barely missed many spectacular meteors. happens between exposures, some other part of the sky my camera wasnt pointing to, or leaving the lens cap on.

now days with computers and cheap electronics anyone can archive the night sky very cheaply. i use L3 video cameras plugged into a capture card in the pc. L3 is an acronym for low light level. i use the watec line of cameras, the 502 b and 902H3 supreme. i run the analog signal through stone knives and bear skins, a 30 year old polaroid freeze frame video recorder. this ancient device has high quality contrast and brightness controls for adjusting stars to sky back ground. (a.c. clarke said well made electronics should last forever and passed down as family heirlooms)

i also use the watec sans astrovid stellacam II. this fun device can intergrate up to 256 frames. great for dim meteors.

to round things up i use a gen3 image intensifier astroscope by electrophysics on the canon t1. this device and the vid cams get sensitivity from extended infrared. they can see though some clouds and things the human eye cant see.

this may sound all respectable and "techo-lusty" but i have been trying to capture fireballs and bolides for some years now. almost any clear night i have at least one vidcam pointing at the sky.

the standard set up has a f/1.4 4mm focal length on the 502b easily recording the bright stars of
casieopeia and ursa major. it's not as sensitive as the other equipment but has low noise. for bright fireballs and bolides it is a good fit.

you may notice most of my equipment is antiquated. for example, i use the aver media capture card and an old version or neovision software. it does mpeg2 just fine. the canon t1 will do mpeg4 with a
tokina 11-17mm f/2.8.

i find meteor hunting to yield many captures with the wider filed of views. the 4mm on 1/3 ccd
vidcams gives 100 degree FOV.

the stellacam II reveals many mysterious anomolies in the night sky. it does however suffer from hot pixels. all watec cameras have hot pixels above 50 degrees F.

piggybacking on the meteor effort is a low key UFO search. many websites list the video of the day
of UFO's. that is unidentified flying object. i havent come across any conclusive "flying saucer"
type evidence as such but have recorded unidentified flying objects.

a moving dot that appears out of nowhere, moves some and disappears again. a stationary dot that
brightens then dims.

no moving objects that stop then move again, no moving objects that do 90 degree turns or reverse
course. yet...

i have hours and hours of video on dvd. 5 hours on each disk typical. it took me 3 days to reduce
two hours of perseid meteor shower fireballs down to 10 seconds. disgusting lack of funds to purchase
advanced editing software.

i have a video on flickr:

it is titled 8-13-2011. consists of compressing 2 hours of sky time into 10 seconds. 10 seconds of perseid fireballs.

flickr is processing this video right now for viewing, no doubt compressing the "living daylights" out of it.
anyone can email me for a "clean" copy (pabtiu at hotmail dot com). i find using windows media player set for repeat and video size of 200% works well. note distinct radiant centered on perseus. compare brightness of meteors to stars in cassiopeia. please consider wide field of view. when video is first started note second fireball curves to left.
video in 352x240 for web and email transfer. original is in DVD video standard resolution.

i use powerdvd, an old version, to review a night's video in 3x fast forward. when i spot something i rewind and view
in 1/2 forward. powerdvd is slightly kludgy. it loses track of time with many starts and stops and doesnt really rewind well on my underpowered systems. i record a talking clock at one minute intervals as i don have a character generator or OSD.


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2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video Empty Re: 2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video

Post  Jackie (Admin) on Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:24 pm

Thank you for the post, quantumskunk - I will be checking you link over the weekend, and can I also say how grateful I am to the info you posted regarding taking pictures of the night sky? There are a few of us that are new to that, and your information will be very helpful.
Jackie (Admin)
Jackie (Admin)

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2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video Empty Nice video!

Post  rick1959 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:25 pm

Thanks, that's GREAT video even with Flickr compression! cheers

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2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video Empty Re: 2 hr in 10 sec perseid meteor video

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